Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hotel Valley Ho

We spent 2 nights this week at Hotel Valley Ho in downtown Scottsdale. I wish that it had been under better circumstances. Unfortunately, our air conditioner in the town home broke down and due to it being covered under warranty, it takes a few days to get a new compressor ordered and installed. Thankfully our landlord helped us pay for a place to stay. This was especially important for me because I not only live at home, I work there too. So the Valley Ho turned out to be a perfect solution. They not only allow pets for free, they also treated Honey to a water/food dish with "just in case" food. The hotel is really, really, really cute. They describe it as "mid-century modern". I said "vintage - modern". Is that the same thing? Regardless, it was very comfy and I was able to work with very little noise or distraction. We hope to be back at home sometime this evening.

Honey seemed to really enjoy her stay-cation. She is not one to get on beds, but apparently this bed was too good to resist.

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