Monday, August 30, 2010

The Honey Heart Attack

We had one of the most terrifying experiences last night. Josh, Honey and I were at the new house. Josh was cleaning our paint brushes with a brush cleaner and the smell was overwhelming. Honey started to sneeze a little so I suggested that Josh let her go outside in the fresh air. The cable guy had been to the house that morning. He left the side gate open. Only a few minutes after she was let out, I wondered if I had closed the gate that led to the alley (a different gate entirely). I was sure that I had closed it (and I had) but I decided that I'd go check on her and see if she was still sneezy. I walked outside and realized quickly that she was no longer in the backyard and the side gate was wide open. I went into instant panic mode. She never wanders off. Normally, she doesn't hardly leave my side. I've never had to worry about Honey getting lost. Josh and I both walked down the nearest streets yelling her name. No Honey. Our new neighbor pointed in the direction he saw her go. No Honey. I jumped in my car and slowly drove through the neighborhood. No Honey. Josh couldn't stand to sit around at home so he jumped in his car too. Finally, I looped back by the house and saw my neighbor looking into the backyard behind our house. He said that he had seen her. I parked and ran around the corner. No Honey. I still have no idea where she went. All of a sudden, she came bounding toward me in our backyard.  I cannot describe my relief. Mostly, my biggest worry is how near we are to 44th St. I was terrified that she'd wander into traffic. It was so nice that several of our new neighbors jumped in on the Honey hunt almost immediately. Our new neighborhood is so great! Josh and I were so happy to see her that we couldn't even be mad at her. Ironically, we just celebrated National Dog Appreciation Day. If you have a doggy, give them a treat and tell them how much you love them.

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  1. Ohmigosh. That feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize they aren't where you thought they were. Awesome that she got her wandering self home safely and pretty quickly, and that you have such great new neighbors!



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