Monday, July 12, 2010

Honey keeping cool in the Arizona heat

Who knew Honey was so smart?  On the way to the Wag N Wash today, she put her nose right up into the air conditioner in Josh's truck and she did not hardly move for anything.  I think it was a little slice of heaven for her.  

In other news, Josh won the "Best Boyfriend in the World" award today for being so lovely and supportive. I really am such a lucky girl.  I think back to my single days and wonder how on Earth I even made it on my own.  Life is so much easier and better and more fun when you have someone to lean on when things just aren't quite going your way....when your car battery dies....when your dog needs a haircut...when your pantry is empty....when it is well over 110 degrees.....and worse when you are already far too stressed to be able to cope with just simple things going wrong.  What could have very easily been a rotten, no good, very bad day turned into a nice evening of quality time.  I feel very loved and very fortunate.

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