Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home inspection passes without a hitch - take 2

We had our building inspection today.  It went quite well.  We hired the same inspector that looked over the previous house that fell out in the appraisal process.  He is very thorough and seems like a really nice guy.  He seemed quite impressed with our latest house.  He pointed out many of the same features that we have been excited about and he didn't find anything that was a deal breaker.  I learned more about the house from the owner as we sat around waiting for the final inspection details.  This house was built in 1955 - it has been owned by the same family since November 1959 - 50 years!!!  He told us all about past and present neighbors as well as care instructions for the house and yard.  We're heading back over on Saturday morning to learn how to handle the bi-weekly public irrigation, the security system, outdoor light switches, etc.  We will be living about a block away from the high school where Josh's parents, aunts and uncles all went to school.  So we are right in their old stomping grounds.  He even knew a family that Josh's dad was friends with who lived down the street back in the day.  As if that was not enough, guess where he and his mother are moving? Montana!  It was just one coincidence right after another.  This house, which is in great shape, with a huge yard, in a great neighborhood was on sale for over 700 days!  All along, it was just waiting for us.  I have to really hand it to Joshua for forcing us to persevere and find the home that was just right.  I know that this is a home that we'll live in for many years and we'll both be quite proud to own it.  


  1. Yippee! So happy for you! Congrats!

    In Beads and Happiness,
    Suzann Sladcik Wilson



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