Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seriously considering this house....

Our top pick for the day is in the photo shown above.  It is a red brick home in a nice, central location.  Josh asked me which I'd prefer: this house or the little yellow house on State that we had wanted so badly.  My immediate reaction was to wonder how to choose?  So I started comparing notes.  What parts of a house are important to me and which house rates better.  Seems simple, not really.  Which pros are more important than others?

Little Yellow House - Glendale and 7th St.


  • Huge front windows that felt magical - lots of light
  • Beautiful hardwood floors
  • Nice neighborhood
  • Perfect yard with irrigation
  • 1 car carport with double drive for both vehicles
  • Easy freeway access to 51
  • Kitchen needed a major makeover
  • Entire house needed to be painted on the inside
  • 3 small bedrooms and no bonus space (no family room, den or office space)
  • Bathrooms both needed major updating
  • Owner had made no major improvements on the house in recent history, but the roof and ac both checked out as new in the past 7-8 years.  
Brick House - Missouri and 7th Ave.

  • Kitchen and bathrooms both check out as move-in ready
  • Entire house has been painted recently
  • Full AC/Heat update in 2009
  • Full floor updating with tile and carpet in 2009
  • Partial plumbing update 2009
  • Full roof update in 2009
  • Full kitchen update in 2009
  • Full bathroom updates in 2009
  • 1/2-3/4 mile from the light rail and okay neighborhood
  • Extra family room/den/office space as well as 3 bedrooms
  • Extra storage space and a large laundry room.
  • Awkward addition storage space in the back with a picture window - would make a nicer Arizona room if you ask me and maybe that is a change that we can eventually make.
  • No carport, but has a double drive
  • Not as good of freeway access
  • Josh is not as excited about the yard - it will need some tlc

Even though the pros far out weigh the cons, and I really do like the brick house why is it that I don't feel the same sparkle that I felt with the little yellow house?  Did that house steal my sparkle? Am I just tired and worn down from looking?  It feels an awful lot like if we choose this house it would be because of my brain and not because of my heart and that doesn't seem quite right.  I do remember questioning the little yellow house until we saw it again.  At that point, I really invested in the house.  Maybe I need to look at it with fresh eyes and really do some soul searching about it being for us.  Any advice?

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