Sunday, June 6, 2010

On pins and needles

Despite our reasonable and prudent inner voices, Josh and I can't help but think about all of the changes that we might make to our new home if we actually get to purchase it.  The appraisal is on Tuesday.  I've learned that we should know what the appraisal is a few days later after a written report is submitted.  Knowing that there is a strong possibility that this deal could fall through at the time of appraisal, both Joshua and I are on pins and needles.  Regardless, we visited IKEA and Home Depot this weekend.  Josh researched possible new appliances and we looked at paint swatches.  

I've been putting a lot of thought and research into painting the interior before we move.  We are thinking of a soft yellow and white for the living room and kitchen, we'll keep the blue in the dining area and possibly use it in the main bathroom too and finally a soft gray for the bedrooms and maybe the hallway.  I think the blue I have shown in these paint swatches is far more turquoise than the actual blue in the house, but I wanted to add a blue so you can get the general idea.  


We're keeping all of the trim and ceilings white.  The kitchen cabinets will be repainted white.  Today, I started to purge my office files, old pictures and general clutter.  Regardless of whether we move sooner or later, we are inevitably moving so I thought I might as well get started.  It feels so liberating to shred and throw out old clutter.

Oh please, please, please let it all work out. 

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