Saturday, May 29, 2010

Patience is a virtue

Our offer was accepted and we are moving forward.  Now there is a lot of waiting.  Waiting to have the home inspected.  Waiting to have the home appraised.  Waiting to meet with our loan officer.  Etc.  I had signed up for some classes at SCC for this summer but decided today to move them to the fall so that I can solely focus on buying a house and then have the time and energy to make it a home.  We are both working this weekend on relaxing.  Moving and buying a house comes along with a whole lot of stress.  We've given up many, many, many hours of free time in thinking, talking and looking for the perfect home. Now that we are in the "waiting" period, I'm trying to remember that this is a wonderful time to sit back and just relax.  What better time to relax than over a 3-day holiday weekend?  If all goes well, we will own our new home at the end of June.  Please cross your fingers for us!

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