Sunday, May 23, 2010

Luck number 3

So, I was thinking today...this is the third little yellow house that I've fallen for in the past few weeks.  Isn't there some old saying about the 3rd time being the charm?  I'm working hard to get all of our ducks in a line to submit a contract on this house tomorrow.  Cross your fingers!  There is an open house this afternoon that has us very worried that someone will swoop in and sweep it out from underneath us.  To see all of the pictures that I took today, you can visit my flickr.  As I said yesterday, the kitchen needs some help.  It actually looks nicer in the pictures than it does in real life.  I think that cabinets need to be repainted badly, the hardware updated, the checkered black and white linoleum squares on the floor need to be pulled up and the tile underneath needs to be cleaned and assessed.  We'll have to get all new appliances as well and we need to rethink how they will be placed.  I think that the fridge should be moved to the far wall in the kitchen to make it feel bigger. Yikes!  This all sounds like a lot, but will be worth it in the end.  Both Erin and Josh told me to just concentrate on one thing at a time (the contract), but I don't know how I would feel putting a bid down on a house without first thinking of what changes and updates need to be made just to make it livable.  Isn't that a huge part of the deal?  Anyway, we are both very excited.

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