Sunday, May 2, 2010

House hunting continues....

We have been sifting through and driving by dozens of properties this weekend.  I'm sad to say that the little yellow house that I posted last week is now pending a sale to someone else.  I suppose that it was not meant to be.  I've yet to find a deal as good as that one, so I'm feeling a tad someone walked up to my shopping cart and nabbed by perfect sale item.  But, I am doing my best to let go and embrace the traditional home buying process and recognize that new houses are posted everyday.  There is no hurry.  There is something that is just right for us out there.  Patience is not my strong suit.

My best friend Erin tells a story about a shopping trip that we once went on together.  I needed a pair of black pants. We arrived at the mall and the first store that we went into, I found a pair of black pants, tried them on and bought them.  Erin was floored.  "You aren't going to look at black pants in all of the other stores before making a decision?"  I decisively said, "No. Why bother if I like these pants?"  Obviously buying a pair of black pants is not as huge of a decision as buying a house, but I still feel the need to be just as decisive. That's just who I am.  I already picked my favorite house on our first day looking, and now its gone.  I'm thankful that I have Josh to encourage me to look at all of the options because I know deep down inside that we'll find something that we both really love if we persevere.

So we now have 26 favorites, 30 possibles and 567 rejects.  We are mostly focused on central Phoenix, but have kept ourselves open to Scottsdale, North Mesa, Ahwatukee and West Chandler.  Our next meeting with Nancy for viewings will be on Friday.  Wish us luck....

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