Saturday, May 22, 2010

And the house hunt continues...

Here is our latest top pick. Yes, it is yellow again.  I seem to have an affinity for just about any yellow house.  Paint it yellow and Sara will come.  This little charmer was built in 1952.  The best features of this beautiful home are the hard wood floors, the huge windows in the living room and the large grassy front and back yard that stay green with flood irrigation.  The kitchen will definitely need work but I think in this case that work might = fun.  Notice that I used "might" in that sentence.  At any rate, we liked it enough to actually go back and take a second look.  We've not done that before, so I suppose that this means we are becoming serious buyers.

Can you picture us living here?  I think I can, but I'll know better when I take a closer look in a more serious sort of way tomorrow.

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