Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lunch at Arcadia Farms

Bert & Mike

The co-owner of Soft Flex Company is here this week.  He never visits so we all felt as if it was too good to be true. He literally hasn't been in Phoenix since 1999, when he and co-owner Scott Clark interviewed and hired me.  They seem to have the mis-perception that Phoenix is like Tucson.  And Tucson has a bad rap since they are always there during the gem show.  Things are so busy at that time, they haven't really even gotten to see the nicer side of Tucson.  Phoenix is definitely NOT Tucson.  They are vastly different.  At any rate, all of us Arizonan Soft Flex'ers met up for lunch today at a little restaurant in Scottsdale called Arcadia Farms.  I've heard about it for years but never been.  It was GOOD!  The food was really fresh.  Even my cup of coffee was a treat.  

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  1. one of my favorite spots! so surreal seeing Mike yesterday.



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