Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Away

Cochise Stronghold at sunset
Cochise County, Arizona

Josh and I headed south for a quick trip to visit his family.  His mother's birthday is February 29th, a leap year baby.  So most years, the family celebrates on February 28th - the last day of February.  It was a rainy weekend.  So we mostly were trapped inside. I'm reading Eat Pray Love.  We watched the Canada vs. USA hockey game.  It was the final challenge in the 2010 Olympics.  It is always a little sad when it is over.  

Honey on Redhead Road 

It is always a treat to get out of town and just breathe some fresh air. The clouds as we were heading out today were beautiful - big, dark and menacing.  I'm not a huge fan of rain, but it is nice sometimes.  Hopefully the sun will be back out tomorrow.  2 days of rain is more than enough for me.

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