Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring Fever

My herb experiment.

I know that most are still dealing with piles of snow and cold temperatures.  But February in Phoenix is a glorious time of year.  It's Spring!  It has been between 70-75 degrees all week.  Josh & I both picked gardening projects this weekend.  We visited two local nurseries: Baker & Berridge to get the goods.  I planted 5 new herbs.  I already have a very healthy rosemary plant, a present from Josh's mom last year.  Now, I've added peppermint, two kinds of basil, thyme & oregano.  I'm pretty excited to grow these beautiful plants so that I can add them to my cooking for added and fresh flavors.  Yay!  I so look forward to having a garden someday.  I want to grown my own tomatoes, onions, beans, etc.  For now, I'll settle for a few good herbs. 

Josh planting shrubs in our back yard.

Josh's projects were a little more low maintenance than mine.  He chose a few succulents for the front planter and then some shrubs for the back planter.  His next big project is the grass.  We put down sod this past Spring.  Most of it is doing well, but Honey has a patch that she just can't seem to leave alone.  

Honey sun-bathing and watching our progress.

I used to be pretty nervous about plants and gardening.  I felt like I couldn't keep anything alive.  Now, I've realized that it is all a big experiment.  Sometimes the experiment fails.  Sometimes it is a huge success.  But no matter what, I learn during the process and next time I know a little bit more about what can grow where, why and how!  It helps to have Oehler guidance too.  Josh's entire family is full of green thumbs.  Josh is a wealth of plant knowledge.

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