Sunday, January 3, 2010

James and Christina Oehler's wedding

We were blessed to spend extra time with Josh's wonderful grandparents to and from the wedding. At close to 90 and 92, they are still very mobile and wonderfully entertaining.

Josh and I

Josh's brother James and his bride Christina.

Josh's parents

Christina and James

Josh's brother Jody and his girlfriend Meredith.

Josh and his brother James.

Josh with his brothers and father.

We spent a lot of time in the car over the past few days. With Grandpa Wally in Sun City West, Grandma Evelyn in Scottsdale and the wedding in Tucson, Josh was really behind the wheel a lot. Like I said, it was a blessing to get the extra time with his grandparents. I think that they really enjoyed getting out and about. The wedding was in Saguaro National Forest, which is such a neat place. There is a sea of saguaros, which each one can sometimes live more than 150 years. It takes 70-80 years to develop a side arm. What a neat plant?! Click on the first picture above to see the view from the wedding site. It was pretty nice. Josh and I really enjoyed seeing his immediate and extended family all in one place.

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