Sunday, December 27, 2009

Slow down and remember to breathe

After a busy week, Josh and I really tried to relax this weekend. We played board games, visited with family, made some home cooked meals and just put our feet up. Pictured above is Josh playing "Mastermind" - one of my Christmas presents. He's trying to break the code.

I'm looking forward to this next week. I have all week off and lots of fun things to do. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting some girlfriends at a coffee shop to play scrabble and rummy - something that we did often in our early 20's and can now barely fit it in once a year. Life seems to just get more and more complicated. So it is nice to just take a break and revisit some of the basics.

My friends Amber & Nancy Pilgrim have said it to me often over the years - "Remember to breathe." It is so simple, but oh so important. A literal and/or metaphorical deep breath of fresh air can really do a person good.

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