Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gearing up

Honey and I got new gear today!

Josh (the world's best and most supportive boyfriend) and I went to the Runner's Den, here in Phoenix. It was wonderful. I got personal attention in picking out my walking shoes for the 3day AND they gave us a 3day discount of 10% off of all of our products. What a great deal! Josh set a goal for me, "No Blisters". Now I just have to figure out how to hook my speakers onto my back pack for some walking music.

There is still time to DONATE!

Then, we stopped by the WagandWash. This place is SO CUTE. You can either drop your dog off to be groomed or you can actually rent a space and do-it-yourself there. They had lots of great treats, toys and dog gear. Honey got a new short leash. Although she is the world's best dog, she is not leash trained. She is fine to follow along on a trail without a leash - but since I live in a city with leash laws, a leash it is. Maybe this new short leash will help keep her more on track. Who could resist "pupcakes". She had to have one!

I'm going to be in Northern California this week, Monday-Thursday. I fly out early tomorrow morning - so I guess I'd better pack!

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