Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 2 - Sara in London

Well, Saturday was busy. In true Sara fashion, standing in awe of the London Tower, I tripped and fell down. I guess I forgot to "mind the gap" as they so frequently say on the subway. So unfortunately, I strained my ankle first thing this morning. After a long day full of more walking, it is quite sore this evening. But being that this was really my only full day available, I just couldn't stand the idea of staying in to rest my silly ankle. Thankfully, there is a stool for me to sit on tomorrow when the IJL show opens and I am demo-ing. We stopped by the HS Walsh booth where we will be demo-ing our products and saw the IJL show this afternoon. Holy moly - it is huge! I'll get some good photos of the show tomorrow. There was lots of eye candy! Anyway, here are my pictures from today.

London Bridge
London Bridge

London Tower

Changing of the guard - London Tower

Scott and Mike on subway

The London Eye

Buckingham Palace from the London Eye

On the London Eye
The London Eye and Thames River

West Minster Abbey

Methodist Church


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