Monday, September 7, 2009

Another day in London....

This is what happens if you don't take time to figure out the coin system in the UK! Anything under 5 pounds ($5) is in a coin that includes 1 & 2 pound coins. Of course, this was pretty confusing at first. Now, I'm getting more accustomed to it. Mike, however, decided to only pay with paper money for everything so far this week and had not used any of his pound coins. Needless to say, his pockets were getting a little heavy with coins. So tonight at dinner he decided to unload at the restaurant and obviously, it looked very strange. I just can't get used to a coin being worth 1-2 pounds. That just seems so strange to me - but I suppose that they feel the exact same way about our $1 bills.

At any rate, today went by as quickly as yesterday. My math conversions are getting better and better and my ability to pick out the right coins seems to be getting quicker. Now if we can just work on Mike with that! I took a nice video of Mike in the booth, but it looks like I can't quite load it due to the type of internet connection I have here in London. So, I will load it onto You Tube and share when I am back home next week.

Cheers from the UK!

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