Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Aunt Eileen

I treasure the time that Josh and I get to spend with his Grandmother and Great Aunt Eileen. They are both nearing 90. I gave them each a bracelet for Christmas. One of the nice things about being a jewelry designer is that I'm never short on gifts for the ladies in my life. Aunt Eileen was especially taken by her bracelet. She asked for me to bring over some designs so that she could pick one for each of her sisters. Time has gotten away from me, but with a stern reminder from Josh's grandmother that I must not forget, I sat down at my bead table today and fashioned 4 options for Aunt Eileen's 2 sisters.

It is always amazing to me when a bead finds its home. For instance, the purple crystals in the above design were a purchase from Soft Flex 9 or 10 years ago. I've sat on them for so long - but they weren't quite right until now. The blue beads were an Intergem buy in Santa Monica, probably about 7 or 8 years ago. It isn't as if beads go bad. So some beads can just sit and sit until just the right project comes across my bead table. But they all have a history. And many of my more unusual stock, I can remember exactly where I bought them.

Since the designs are intended for women in their 80's, you'll see that I used magnetic clasps with a safety chain. It can be hard enough for me at age 30 to fiddle with a clasp. I've always tried to use the magnetic clasps for anyone that is an older age range. It is so much easier on their hands and they won't need assistance getting it on or off.

In all of these designs, I chose to use white Soft Flex Wire in .019/Medium. Most beads are fairly light and not abrasive. The white really brightened up the beads and made them sparkle. We also have white in .010/Very Fine Soft Touch Wire and .014/Fine Soft Flex Wire. If you want to try a color and want something that will work in a lot of situations, try White. It really is such a nice option. PS - White is on sale this month!

The crystals in the above design were cut off some old vintage jewelry from my best friend's Mom's collection. I use them sparingly because I love them so much. Mixed in is one of my favorite stones, chrysoprase. Yummy!

All in all, it was nice to sit down and just create some simple designs. I'll let Aunt Eileen pick 2 of the designs for her sisters and then send the other 2 to my grandmothers for a surprise present.

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