Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend

When most people think of Arizona, they think of the flat, hot desolate desert. But there is actually a lot more here than meets the eye in the major metropolis areas. The lowest elevation in the state is low, only 70 feet above sea level - but the highest elevation is 12,633ft at Humphreys Peak. This is just shy of the highest peak in my home state of Montana. And in between these two elevations is a whole lot of differing and interesting eco-systems. At any time of year, you can find the perfect temperature somewhere in Arizona. At any rate, this past weekend Josh and I spent time with this family in Cochise again. This time we took a day trip up Mt. Graham. It WAS amazing. It is about 10,000 ft above sea level at its peak. We went very close to the top. We saw a breath taking, knock the wind out of you view near the top, as pictured above. I think it is hard for pictures to capture such beauty, but it does make for a nice keepsake to remind me of a beautiful place. I think that Josh told me that the high at the peak of Mt Graham (in Southern AZ mind you) is just under 70 degrees. It is lush, green and a little slice of Arizona heaven for this desert dweller.

A few other nice photos:

We enjoyed a little rain.

Me and my love at the highest GREEN!

Look at that AMAZING view!

The sun was setting as we headed down the mountain.

We somehow drove by Wilcox just in time for their fireworks show as well as the entire show in Sunsites, AZ. It was meant to be. I hope that every one else had a lovely 4th of July too.

Best of all...Josh's parents sent us home with homegrown produce from their ranch in Cochise County. YUM! Not pictured is our homemade fresh salsa that also made it into our bag.

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