Friday, May 22, 2009

Picture Day

What a beautiful life I lead?! I decided to add some photos to our Soft Flex facebook account today and was so happy to take a trip down memory lane. I've been so many places, met and worked with so many great people. After 10 years, I have hundreds upon hundreds of photos. I thought that I'd include a few of my faves from traveling in my post today.

My cousin Virginia and I went scuba diving in Key Largo, FL. It was absolutely amazing, once I got past the breathing under water part!

That same cousin, Virginia and I also went sky diving together. This was terrifying. The whole time I was concerned about Virginia, as if I could do anything to help her is something had gone wrong.

This was a fun trip. Lisa Vernon and I flew up to Toronto for Runway 08 at John Bead. Here we are with Mike John and his beautiful mother. They are such a neat company!

This has always been one of my favorite pictures. Jenny and I with her dad and Mike in Tucson. We just all look so happy after a long day of work. Lewis and Jenny have been amazing friends over the years.

Mud masks.....a girl OR guy has to look good for the bead show! This was in Miami, FL. We flew in early and enjoyed some days of relaxation in honor of my birthday. We had a really nice time.

Hotel room Monopoly. We are always coming up with ways to entertain ourselves on the road.

My Mom's first time at the beach was last year. I love this picture of her.

Josh and I spending quality time with his family in Tucson. I love him. :)

The 3 figures in this picture are Harold, Andrew and Bryan. We decided to rent scooters to see Oahu....and boy oh boy, I saw Oahu. I also almost died a few times that day - but I sure did have a fun time!

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