Saturday, May 16, 2009

Phoenix Art Museum

After we spent a few hours at the Sprint/Nextel store sorting out my phone issues, I decided to take my Mom (who is visiting from Montana) down to the Phoenix Art Museum. We were just in time for a tour of the modern/contemporary wing of the museum. That was a huge treat. It is so nice to have a little explanation to go along with modern art. With a painting, it is usually a little bit more clear what an artist was thinking or feeling. With modern art, it can be a little bit more complex to understand. Here's a few of my favorite things (sorry the pics are little fuzzy):

Louise Nevelson
"Royal Tide V" 1960

My Mom

Cornelia Parker
"Mass (Colder Dark Matter)" 1997

Philip C. Curtis
"Gift Bearers" 1971

Odilon Redon
"Vase of Flowers" 1905-10

Ernest L. Blumenschein
"Moon, Morning Star & Evening Star" reworked 1931

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