Monday, April 6, 2009


Josh and I saw two movies this weekend. In "Chop Shop" I was quickly reminded how easily we (the collective us in America) take all that we have for granted. This movie will give you a smack in the face reminder of how hard some have to work to have very little. I enjoyed this movie.

Then we watched "Helvetica", which was along the lines of "King of Kong". It is a documentary that opens your eyes to a whole world of people with strong opinions if not passion for something that I have paid little to no attention to. "Helvetica" is a font. That's right, a font. You know the shape of the letters that are used in graphic design or even more simply the shape of the letters in this very blog. I know about fonts. I did not know how strongly some designers feel for or against "Helvetica". It was interesting and I suggested it to both Soft Flex Co. graphic designers.

Next weekend...."Marley and Me". Guess who chose this one? Yep, it was me. I can't wait!!!

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