Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A fresh start..

Joshua is starting a new job today at Chidren's Action Alliance as a Research Associate. I'm so proud of him and his efforts to make the world a little bit of a better place. Here's a little about CAA:

WE COMMUNICATE the needs of children. Through research, publications, media campaigns and advocacy, Children's Action Alliance ensures that children’s needs are known and acted upon.

WE INFLUENCE policies and decisions, making our children’s best interests our state’s priority.

WE DEMAND progress from our leaders and elected officials. There is no excuse for Arizona to be ranked among the lowest in the nation in child well-being.

WE INFORM the public about the voting records of Arizona politicians, holding them accountable for their campaign promises to our kids.

WE IMPROVE children’s lives, by combining policy expertise with the power of strategic communications and advocacy to achieve real results.

WE SHARE common goals:

  • That all children have health insurance
  • That no child is raised in poverty and hunger
  • That every child enters school ready to learn and succeed
  • That no child endures the ravages of abuse and neglect
  • That every child has a place to call home
  • That struggling teens have the support they need to become responsible adults

Because of Children's Action Alliance, Arizona’s children are safer and healthier. Families are receiving the resources they need to better care for their young children. Kids from working families have access to health coverage through KidsCare. Thousands more children are benefiting from safe, affordable child care. And fewer children are victims of abuse and neglect.

If you live in Phoenix and need to send flowers or gifts, choose to send them through Phoenix Flower Shop. CAA receives 10% of the purchase price.

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