Monday, April 27, 2009

Robert Mondavi Wine Tour

We had such a lovely tour today of the Robert Mondavi Winery. It was such a great experience. We learned a ton from Doug (wonderful tour guide). I love this area. It is just so gorgeous. I think that all of you beaders out there need to consider coming here for our Glass Art and Bead Festival in Sonoma this August. Go on a bike tour, buy some beads and enjoy a nice vacation. It is just so beautiful!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bike Tour in Wine Country

Getting Started!

Tour guide Tom!

Our favorite tasting...

Dinner with 3 wonderful friends! What a nice day? It would be perfect if only Joshua and Honey were here too!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Babies, babies and more babies

Yesterday Josh and I were invited to a 1 yr old birthday party AND a baby shower. It must be Spring!

It is hard to believe that Ella is 1 already. I've known her Dad since I was 18 years old, which means 12 years. He and his wife are 2 very special people. They both are social workers (like Josh) and they both work with children and have for many years. Eric has been working at a group home for 13 years. He & Teneil have always been wonderful friends. Baby Ella couldn't choose better parents! As I was watching Ella in all of her birthday glory, I recognized how nice it would be to be only one year old again. It is pretty cut and dry. Either she wants something or she doesn't want something. Period. I want cake. I don't want cake. I want you to pick me up. I don't want you to pick me up. Life just gets so much more complicated when you are an adult.

The baby shower was for a grad schoolmate of Joshua. She looked FANTASTIC. I couldn't believe that she is due on May 15th. She looked like she was maybe 6 months pregnant. She was buzzing around making sure everyone was happy, eating, drinking, etc. It was unbelievable. I can only hope that I can look that good at 8 months pregnant! And there was more food than you can even imagine. Josh and I had to roll ourselves out of there - a piece of cake at each party probably didn't help either. But WHO passes up cake? Not us, apparently.

Today we lounged. We dropped in on Josh's Great Aunt. She recently moved into an assisted living facility. We try to visit just about every other week. She is a spark plug. She is always quick with a joke and a joy to visit.

All in all, I think it was a pretty successful weekend. Next weekend, I'll be touring wine country wtih my best friend. YAY! We purchased tickets to an all day bike tour through 6 wineries. I can't wait!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Post Easter

We had a lovely Easter in our humble abode. I went to a really hard core yoga class on Saturday that I can still feel 2 full days later. I did some major Spring cleaning and the house feels much more fresh now. For Easter dinner Josh and I hosted my uncles, my aunt and my cousin. We had ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet corn, eggs (of course) and dinner rolls. Yes, just about everything you aren't supposed to eat. Isn't that what holidays are for? Above is my Eater centerpiece. I might have to leave it up for a few more weeks. It adds so much bright color to the room...and we all know how much I love color.

Loretta made a fabulous carrot cake for dessert. It was wonderful. A family Scrabble game broke out and I happily claimed my victory. Yay Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Puppy Slumber Party...part deux

Look at my best friend's dog, Cash. He has entirely taken up my whole couch. He is totally ridiculous. Sprawled out like he owns the place along with everything and everyone in it. And the stay on the afghan rule that Honey patiently lives by, yep...he totally threw that out the window this morning. But he's just so darn CUTE! We've been having a puppy slumber party just about once a week these days. This cute and cuddly whippet will drive you just crazy if you let him. In fact, I know of a few houses where he is banned without parental attention.

Just so Honey doesn't feel left out. Here's her cute self because she is cute too!

Monday, April 6, 2009

ATC Production of "Somebody/Nobody"

Jessica Martin, Jeremy Stiles Holm and Alexandra Tavares
Arizona Theatre Company’s
World Premier Comedy
Photo by Tim Fuller

Phoenix April 7-19, 2009

Sheena is a somebody who wants to be a nobody. Loli is a nobody desperate to be a somebody. In this hilarious world premiere comedy about Hollywood, fame and the TMZ, renowned playwright Jane Martin takes dead aim at our culture of celebrity. So you think you want to be famous? So did teen idol and “shark-movie” star Sheena Keener, the darling of the press, the obsession of the paparazzi, and the goddess of the E! Channel. But now she can’t stand to be looked at anymore and her Godzilla of an agent is on the warpath. When Sheena ends up on the doorstep of naïve newcomer Loli, a recent arrival from Flatt, Kansas, it’s a wild ride on the road to fame. Somebody/Nobody is a laugh-out-loud look at modern life and our unending quest for fifteen minutes of fame.

Erin invited me to the opening night for this production in Phoenix. It was very entertaining, very lively and a whole lot of fun. If you are looking for a dose of theatre and want to see something upbeat and happy, check this play out!

I was happy to see the theatre was so full! In a time of economic crisis, arts organizations always struggle. Donations and ticket sales tend to dwindle because it is considered a your local theatre, no matter what theatre that may be.
Live art is an important part of our past, an important part of our present and hopefully will be animportant part of our future. There is nothing quite like a live production.

As usual, ATC proves to be a wonderful Arizona asset. We are so fortunate to have a professional theatre.


My cousin Loretta is a special soul. We are 12 years apart, but I just feel like she is my soul sister. She is now 18 (and yes, that means I turn 30 this year) and is growing into such a beautiful, kind, happy-go-lucky young woman. So needless to say, I was beaming with pride and happiness when she called last week to let me know that she's been accepted into Cooper Union in NYC. It looks like such a neat school and of course is in a one-of-a-kind city. I am so excited for her.



Josh and I saw two movies this weekend. In "Chop Shop" I was quickly reminded how easily we (the collective us in America) take all that we have for granted. This movie will give you a smack in the face reminder of how hard some have to work to have very little. I enjoyed this movie.

Then we watched "Helvetica", which was along the lines of "King of Kong". It is a documentary that opens your eyes to a whole world of people with strong opinions if not passion for something that I have paid little to no attention to. "Helvetica" is a font. That's right, a font. You know the shape of the letters that are used in graphic design or even more simply the shape of the letters in this very blog. I know about fonts. I did not know how strongly some designers feel for or against "Helvetica". It was interesting and I suggested it to both Soft Flex Co. graphic designers.

Next weekend...."Marley and Me". Guess who chose this one? Yep, it was me. I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A fresh start..

Joshua is starting a new job today at Chidren's Action Alliance as a Research Associate. I'm so proud of him and his efforts to make the world a little bit of a better place. Here's a little about CAA:

WE COMMUNICATE the needs of children. Through research, publications, media campaigns and advocacy, Children's Action Alliance ensures that children’s needs are known and acted upon.

WE INFLUENCE policies and decisions, making our children’s best interests our state’s priority.

WE DEMAND progress from our leaders and elected officials. There is no excuse for Arizona to be ranked among the lowest in the nation in child well-being.

WE INFORM the public about the voting records of Arizona politicians, holding them accountable for their campaign promises to our kids.

WE IMPROVE children’s lives, by combining policy expertise with the power of strategic communications and advocacy to achieve real results.

WE SHARE common goals:

  • That all children have health insurance
  • That no child is raised in poverty and hunger
  • That every child enters school ready to learn and succeed
  • That no child endures the ravages of abuse and neglect
  • That every child has a place to call home
  • That struggling teens have the support they need to become responsible adults

Because of Children's Action Alliance, Arizona’s children are safer and healthier. Families are receiving the resources they need to better care for their young children. Kids from working families have access to health coverage through KidsCare. Thousands more children are benefiting from safe, affordable child care. And fewer children are victims of abuse and neglect.

If you live in Phoenix and need to send flowers or gifts, choose to send them through Phoenix Flower Shop. CAA receives 10% of the purchase price.


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