Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss

I spent the morning at Washington Elementary this morning again. I read Dr. Seuss books, mostly to kindergarten and first graders. "Hop on Pop" was a big hit. There is really no beginning and no end to this book. It doesn't tell a story from beginning to end, but I think that this is genius for little ones. Their attention doesn't hold for too long. So, it is like a bunch of mini stories. I learned today that Dr. Seuss wrote and illustrated 44 books.

If you live in Phoenix and like to volunteer doing all sorts of different community volunteer jobs, please check out The Phoenix Volunteer Meetup. It is well ran and has lots of different options and opportunities. If you don't live in Phoenix, take a look - there might be one near you as well. If not, maybe you start one! :)

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