Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pizzeria Bianco

On Tuesday, I met Erin downtown at Pizzeria Bianco. Tuesday was Erin's Mom's birthday. Erin lost her Mom to cancer about 10 years ago. So, I always make sure to do somethign special with her to celebrate Cindi's birthday. This year, we decided on one of our favorite restaurants. The only problem is that Pizzeria Bianco has become so fabuloulsy successful in the past few years, the wait it atrocious. We arrived at 4:30. There was already a long line of people waiting. The bar was open but the restaurant doesn't even open until 5pm. So we stood in line until opening and then filed through to our name on the waiting list. We weren't seated until 7pm. The food is wonderful. It is well worth the wait every once in a great while. However, I would eat there far more if it is was more accessible. Can't they build "Pizzeria Bianco To Go" or take seating outdoors when the weather permits? Oh, if I ran the world, it would just be such a better place or at the very least, I could have Pizzeria Bianco more frequently.

Speaking of birthdays, Josh's mom was born on a pretty unusual day, February 29th. Yep, so she doesn't really have a birthday once every 4 years. Regardless of her lack of an actual birthDAY, we plan to celebrate the passing of another year with her this weekend with lunch in Tucson. I still need to work on her birthday present. I purchased the parts and pieces at the Best Bead Show but haven't put it together yet. Jamie showed me how to make my own fun boxes at CHA. So, I might have to do that too!

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