Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to normal....almost

For every day that I am gone, I need a day and a half to get caught up again. So, 3 days back and I feel like I have made a dent (a very small dent) in the catch up. Even things like laundry or dishes or remembering to water the flowers, it all takes time to get back into the swing of things.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend.

On Valentines day, Josh & I are looking for a new couch. We want something big and comfy. What we have now is hardly big and is absolutely not comfy. I think it will be really nice to have something new in here. Wish us luck! I plan to make a big meal for us and then let Josh pick a movie for us to see since he is my valentine.

On Sunday, Josh's parents & brother Jody as well as his girlfriend Meredith are coming up to Phoenix for brunch. We will all meet up with his Grandparents. It is always so nice to spend time with family.

And finally on Monday, Erin and I are going to a girly movie....maybe "He's just not that into you" or "Shopaholic"....I love those silly girl movies that make life seem so much more simple than it really is.

Mostly, life is good even if I'm not exactly on top of my chores or my overwhelming inbox. I do what I can do....and then let go and enjoy the rest of the time. :)

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