Sunday, January 18, 2009

Phoenix Heard Museum

The Heard Museum developed from the passion that pioneer settlers Dwight B. and Maie Bartlett Heard felt for the Southwest, its inhabitants and its history. The Heard’s dream of sharing the beauty of their private collection with the public was realized in 1929 when the Heard Museum first opened its doors.
Today, the Heard's collections include approximately 39,000 works of cultural and fine art. The collections remain at the core of the museum’s mission and serve as an internationally known resource for learning about the rich cultural heritage of Native peoples. While maintaining an emphasis on the cultures of the greater Southwest, the Heard collections also include American Indian fine art from throughout North America including drawings, paintings and sculpture.
Key collections areas feature textiles, katsina dolls, pottery, jewelry, baskets, cradleboards, paintings, sculpture and World Cultures materials.

I really enjoyed our adventure to the museum yesterday. Here are some other neat items that I saw.
Right in the front door, there was a nice glass exhibit....we all know that I love glass.

The doll native doll collection was immense. The detail on each doll was stunning.

There was a modern collection in the main hall. I really loved these large pieces of art by Navajo painter Tony Abeyta.

In the "Mothers & daughters: Stories in Clay" exhibit, I fell in love with the sculptures. Each one showed so much feeling and emotion.
We learned about the "clowns" in Native American history. Very interesting....Here is one rising from the ground to create mischief, no doubt...

Anyway, it was wonderful day at the museum. After the museum we walked to Denise's house and commenced cooking. We made tamales & enchiladas for dinner under Denise's watchful eye. Lunch was fantastic.

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