Friday, December 19, 2008


I attended an early morning college graduation for my good friend Marietta today. By early morning, I mean 8am. I simply am not a morning person. But I dragged myself out of bed and got there with plenty of time to see the speeches and Marietta graduate. I was impressed by both speeches this morning. It was not that the subject matter was any different than most graduation speeches (which I have seen plenty). What was different is the emotion behind the speech. I could tell that they both were really invested in their speech and boy oh boy does that make a difference in the long and sometimes boring process of graduation. I was so happy to be there and share Marietta's special moment. She has been there for so many special moments in my life - bad days & good days, special days and non-special days. She is an all around good friend and more importantly a good person. Congratulations Marietta!

As a graduation gift, I grabbed a book that I thought was just the ticket...

The TravelerThe Traveler by Daren Simkin

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A quick read. Much like "The Little Prince", it is a short story about not losing track of too much time in life looking for something that doesn't exist and missing out on all the great things and wonderful people that are right in front of you. Cease the day!

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My family is getting together this weekend for some pre-Christmas fun at my uncle's house this weekend. I'm excited to see my cousins and spend some time getting caught up with my nearest and dearest in AZ. I'm hard at work on a few jewelry designs but I can't show you until I give them out. I don't want one of my recipients to stumble upon their gift too soon. I already had Joshua stumble upon his gift in our account. OOOOops! I am the worst at secrets...really, I am.

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