Monday, November 24, 2008

Breast Cancer 3day

Well, we did it. All 4 of us walked all the way from beginning to end. I have the worst set of blisters and probably had the hardest time making it through. I attribute this to not training enough - so I get what I deserve! However, I MADE IT! I'm pretty exhausted and still in San Diego so I will write about it with more details when I get home. For now, you can view our photos on You will find the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly (I wasn't exactly looking like a shining star this weekend). Mostly good though, lots of songs, laughs, smiles and hugs!

PS - picture above is of Chubbs. She was by far my most favorite cheerleader this weekend. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Emeryville, CA

So Jamie and I flew into California today and met up at the Oakland airport. Being that we didn't have anywhere to be, we stopped in Emeryville and wandered around a bit. H&M, Sephora (I think I smelled just about every fragrance), Barnes & Noble....what more does a girl need? Isn't this hat silly....

... I don't think it is quite me. Maybe if I lived somewhere snowy? Nah, probably not! I did get a hat but it was a little more on the discreet side. I also bought Twilight. I have been hearing from everyone that I HAVE to read it.

Then we met up with 2 of my nearest and dearest, Jess & David for dinner at Chevy's.

What a great day?!!! Although we did end up getting lost on our way to Petaluma (ummm are we half way to Sacramento - oooops), we figured it out and all is well that ends well. Pretty good day, if I do say so myself...and I do.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gearing up

Honey and I got new gear today!

Josh (the world's best and most supportive boyfriend) and I went to the Runner's Den, here in Phoenix. It was wonderful. I got personal attention in picking out my walking shoes for the 3day AND they gave us a 3day discount of 10% off of all of our products. What a great deal! Josh set a goal for me, "No Blisters". Now I just have to figure out how to hook my speakers onto my back pack for some walking music.

There is still time to DONATE!

Then, we stopped by the WagandWash. This place is SO CUTE. You can either drop your dog off to be groomed or you can actually rent a space and do-it-yourself there. They had lots of great treats, toys and dog gear. Honey got a new short leash. Although she is the world's best dog, she is not leash trained. She is fine to follow along on a trail without a leash - but since I live in a city with leash laws, a leash it is. Maybe this new short leash will help keep her more on track. Who could resist "pupcakes". She had to have one!

I'm going to be in Northern California this week, Monday-Thursday. I fly out early tomorrow morning - so I guess I'd better pack!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out and vote!

Did you vote yet? Find your local polling place! So, what are the odds? John McCain and I cast our ballots at the same church this morning, 1/2 a block from my home. I arrived a few hours later, but the place was still all abuzz about Senator McCain. I will be on pins and needles tonight to see who won.

Also, if you voted today stop in Starbucks for a free cup of coffee as well as Ben & Jerry's for a free ice cream. :)

Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama

I look forward to being inspired by you for the next 4 and maybe even 8 years. I think that you are just what this country needs! Congratulations Barack Obama!


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