Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Runway" in Toronto

I'm back from Toronto. Runway 08 was more than I could have ever expected. John Bead built a tent outside their back door with a runway, lights, cameras & plenty of action! It was unbelievable.

John Bead kicked the night off with a dance from an aboriginal, native american. Greg Dreaver had a touching presentation and shared two beautiful dances with us. I had the fortune to also have lunch with him earlier in the day. He is a deep thinker and was a wonderful lunch mate. :)

The show was split into the 4 seasons of the year with 4 different designers. Spring was designed by Boris Hanecka. Summer was designed by Pavel Jevula. Autumn was designed by E. daniely (brand). And winter was designed by Beata Rajska. There was fashion and jewelry for each season.

Between each section the Jablonex representative led us through tutorials on how specific Czech beads were created. Before and after the event, Lisa and I were very busy demoing Soft Flexproducts. We were happy to have been invited to participate in such a lovely event. So it was an educational and informative night for all present.

Here are a few snap shots from the event. I will scan and show some of the jewelry that was modeled when I have extra time.

Very neat! I had one of those, "this is my life?" moments in Toronto. I have a pretty great life and really enjoy not knowing exactly where I will end up next. If you are Canadian, this is an event to not be missed next year! Also, don't forget - John Bead is officially our Master Distributor in Canada. They carry every brand, color, diameter and length in beading wire that we offer.

Read more about John Bead from!

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