Sunday, August 31, 2008

Walking, walking and more walking!

Perhaps blogging about my training will assist in holding me accountable. I walked in the 3day in 2006. I wouldn't call it easy. But I will say that being that 2 of my 3 team members lived with me and the 3rd worked/traveled with me, i was constantly in 3day central. It made fundraising and training a whole lot easier. I had walking partners at a moment's notice. Training has been much more difficult this time. 3 of my 4 team members live out of state and the one that does live here in state, just dropped out. Sooooooooooooo, I promised myself on Friday night that I'd walk 5 miles each day this weekend. I kept my promise yesterday and today. In fact, yesterday - I walked 5 miles on the tread mill at the gym and then walked another mile or so with Joshua & Honey at the park. After my trip to the gym today, I realized that I'm getting my first 3day blister. Normally you don't celebrate blisters - but this one, I celebrated a little. It is a sign that I am on track with getting ready. My legs are a little tight - but all in all, I feel good. Now, if I can just keep this up. Can you (my friends, family, heck...even stranges)...can you please help to hold me accountable? I have to get on the ball or it is going to be a very painful 60 miles.

My Aunt Heather signed up and joined our team this week. I'm SO HAPPY! Since she is a late starter, her main focus is going to be getting enough donations to walk. She only has a short amount of time to raise a lot of $$$. If you have a little extra to give, she will appreciate the donation. Donate Now!

Back to my lovely 3day weekend. Speaking of 3day, I only have a 3day work week and then another 3day weekend. Josh & I are off to visit family in Utah for a wedding. My Mom turns 50 on September 9th. So, we get double the pleasure. We can celebrate the wedding and my Mom's birthday - YAY!

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