Sunday, July 20, 2008


It has been a long weekend of sneezing and coughing. I caught a bug and have been trying to sleep it off. I think I will be over it with another day of rest.

Josh has been busy, busy, busy around here. He put in grass on our back patio. Here is a photo of what our patio looked like when we first moved in, January 2008:

This is what it lo0ked like when we dug up and planted in the flower bed, March 2008:

And then, we planted some rose bushes, a bird of paradise and were gifted a few other plants by Josh's parents, June 2008. We also added a patio rug to cover up the awkward concrete that was not tiled over and some solar powered lights:

See that really nice table in the photo above? Josh's dad crafted and gifted it to him. His dad makes really amazing outdoor furniture - all sturdy and well made. And finally, Josh put in a patch of grass...Honey's dream come true:

It looks so nice out there. Josh put so much time and work into our grass. I love our little patio. It looks GREAT!!! Too bad I was so sick and couldn't help more. :(

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