Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tired but inspired

I spent the week in California. My plane was delayed last night - so, I found myself crawling into bed well after 1am last night in an exhausted stupor. This morning, I had a 10am meetupplanned with my "Not your Grandma's" super hip chic craft club to go to the Phoenix Indie Craftorama at the Duck and Decanter. I have been looking forward to the meetup for weeks, so although it was tempting to just stay in bed, I got up and got out the door. I'm so glad that I went. It is always so inspiring to see what other creative minds are up to. I got a chance to meet the Crafty Chica - Kathy Cano-Murillo. She was super nice and said that she loves Soft Flex. It is always nice to meet supporters!

After the Phoenix Indie Craftorama, we went to a nearby Mexican Restaurant in Phoenix calledAjo Als for lunch (great food by the way) and a quick craft project provided by our lovely hostess Denise (organizer for the craft club). I loved it - we made little mini books to put a post it pad in. I decorated mine for my cousin Loretta who I knew I would be seeing later in the day. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of it before I gave it away. However, I think that I might make a few more for some upcoming gifts. A BIG THANK YOU to Denise for sharing.

After lunch, I stopped by home and then was off to see a play at Metro Arts High School in downtown Phoenix. The before mentioned cousin Loretta was the stage manager. Although I was a little too tired to be at a play, I did my best to keep it together! Loretta is an amazing artist - whether assisting in theatre, drawing, painting, etc. I might just be biased, but I do believe that she is a diamond in the rough.

Finally, I am home and ready to rest for the night. YAY! I just wanted to send an update out into the world wide web to let everyone know that I have been oh so busy - but doing oh so well and feel so inspired after my day of artistic pursuits. Now, I just need to get some rest so I can put my creative juices to work.

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